Saturday, June 18, 2016


It is so very, very hard for me to join in, to join the crowd.  All the stores in my hometown are sporting "Support" stickers in rainbow colors.  I just can't do what I am expected to do.  I am subversive by nature, I guess.  I have more in common with Bukowski than Gandhi, perhaps.

I am a contrarian.

But I like this photograph.  I will do more with it when I have time, make it richer, give it more texture.

I am likely never going to have more time.  Leisure has abandoned me.  It has taken other lovers, I presume.  I miss it more than anything.  I am jealous, but I would take it back in a moment.  Come back, honey, come back where you belong.

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  1. I'm wrapping up the Annual Jersey Shore Girls 5 Day Getaway. 6 hour drive back home today.

    We've had 4 days of perfect beach weather. As previously mentioned, I went to elementary school with almost all of the women and high school with all of them.

    We have the empty beer, vodka, tequila bottles to prove it all. As well as spent pipes,roaches etc. Lots of secrets to take home and treasure too.

    Leisure is key to a good happy life. I hope she returns to you soon.