Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Power to the People

Power to the People.  You know which ones.  

I didn't watch the convention last night.  I forgot.  I meant to, I think, at one point, but I'd been watching Bourdain's Layover series and had a hankering to try a noodle shop that I'd never been to before.  It is a hole in the wall sort of place run by Koreans, and I take that it was fairly authentic given that most of the diners were Asian.  The rest, of course, were hipsters.  The waitresses were very nice and gave us free beers, one an IPA and the other a Miller Lite.  

"It's BYOB here, and the corkage fee is a beer for the chef."

How cool.  I take it the chef had no use for these beers.  But they were very, very sweet and helped us through the menu.  We were taking out, but the girl with the brightly died red hair and the septum ring told us it is much better to dine in.  She would walk us through cooking our own food at the table.  The food and the sauces were excellent, and I did not end the night with Korean Belly, so we are certainly going back.  I love good soupy noodles with spicy pork and black hard boiled eggs and lots of things floating around I couldn't name.  

And it was cheap!

But we started the evening with Negronis and sat down to eat with ale and then there was the mandatory worm killing whiskey and some more Bourdain so I forgot completely about the convention.  

No matter.  The New York Times has the highlights online.  All of them.  I watched some this morning.  I was glad to see Al Franken again, still mumbling and stumbling his way through sentences.  Why isn't he more important?  I thought he would be more important by now.  

Watching online, though,  I will miss getting to hiss at the political commentators and their instant analysis.  I like our one way arguments.  I always win.  

I think they should have had both conventions in Rio, though.  That is what they deserve.  It is a fecal mess down there.  Those Brazilians have shown the world what they don't care about.  Did you ever have any romantic notions when you heard the word "Brazil"?  



  1. oh.

    it's summer here. things here are...

    guests, the beach, lots of work with the 5%, good corn, zucchini, so much sand in my hair, tomatoes from the gardens & farmers markets. more guests, grilling. the beach, stacks of undone paperwork. & laundry, fresh peach ice-cream and lots of peach grilling. blue skies that break your heart & swims in the Sound, sunsets and star watching, this weekend beach fires and every bed in the house taken.

    Took my cousin to the Newport Mansions when she was here a couple of weeks ago. She had never been. Have you? She couldn't believe the mansions. Never knew they existed.

    My brother & his wife are here now --for 14 days. We've been watching the convention together -- watched the other convention with my niece who was here for that week. I cried during Michelle Obama's speech and cried tonight when Hillary cracked the ceiling.

    I am a horrible monster of a human. I admire her.

    You know, I've done some bad stuff in my life. I'm still doing some not good stuff but I'm trying, every day, to be kind and love not hate and be a better human.

    35 years she's been in some type of service to the people of this country. What a bitch.

    100% perfect is hard. Deals & Compromises. The selling of a part of one's soul to balance out a gift from the angels.

    A person is bound to get into trouble "sticking up for ones principals."
    and bound to get in trouble for not sticking up for ones principals.

    Fuck - all that is hard at any level, nevermind what she's been up to all these years.

    Anyway. What the fuck do I know.

  2. I guess the same could be said about Trump. . . made some mistakes. . . etc. . . . We all know how badly we are screwed this election (except the Trump people). But there are two things to consider: the theory and the ability to perform the theory. Anybody can mouth a philosophy even if they don't understand it. Performing it, though. . . ah, there's the rub.


  3. I have issues with some of what you have responded with but not enough time to coalesce my thoughts..

    I hope you have a beautiful day. :)