Thursday, October 27, 2016

To Just Go

I read an article today about a fellow who jumped a plane to get a barbecue sandwich.  He says he didn't regret it.  I want to be such a person.  Nobody can take such a thing away from you (as they used to say).

I am living too carefully, and all I have to show for it is a bunch of house repairs.

But the world will make you fearful sooner or later.  I keep reading the tagline "angry old white men" in the newspapers.  Seems it is O.K. to say that without being disparaged even in the liberal press.  Crazy, that.  Try saying "angry old white women" and see what happens.  But of course. . . patriarchy.  The title of Cormac McCarthy's "No Country for Old Men" has become a much used idiom, though I think the irony of the title has been lost somewhere along the line.  One wouldn't want to not throw rocks at that tower, however.  Let the stoning begin.

And, of course. . . this (link).

The man in this picture taken on the 59th St. border of Central Park is looking at books.  Of course he is.  Me, too.  My friend C.C. tells me that I might have the wrong idea taking refuge there as I might pick up some ideas.  "Ideas are bad," he says.  "Nothing good ever came from one to my knowledge."  It is a running gag between us.  We have begun to wish we had spent our time making money instead of reading books and looking at art.  Books and their crazy ideas are what ruined us.  We agree.  They have made us unfit for proper company.

Kids today have less chance of being corrupted by books, of course.  All those words are a drag.

Just to cheer me up, C.C. also sent me this link today.  Well, at least we're not leaving much when we go.

Still, I'd like to hop on a plane and go somewhere for a day or two just to see what's left outside the digital world.


  1. Hi Friend.

    I've been reading, as always, however have also been lost in the muck and mire.

    I've just booked our hotel for Amsterdam. Wish you had said "yes" to Tanzania. We leave in less than two weeks. The day before the Day of Reckoning. Glad I'll be far away from the maddening crowd.

    C.C.'s link is exactly why I felt I needed to fuck the bills and take my son to Africa. The bills will ALWAYS be there. Wild elephants? Maybe not so much.

    One of my high school friends, 1 of the Gang of 8, is employed by the Fire & Police Academy in her town. Yesterday she texted the group a photo of a young, handsome fireman - with tight sleeves hugging his muscular arms and chest. As I began to text a response, I pondered all the verbal sexual assault stuff going on (can you believe Newt & Rudy have become poster boys for sticking up for Frumpy and his "Tic Tac" brand of misogyny?). Anyway, it was an interesting moment, I decided to simply text "that is a handsome young man who seems to take good care of his body" - ending with smiley emoji. Not heart eyes or anything - just a simple smile..... just in case. I get hacked or something.......

    hugs & kisses to you and your buddy C.C. who seems awfully wonderful.