Sunday, November 27, 2016

Time for That

The pumpkins have been replaced by poinsettias.  The tree is up, though not completely trimmed.  The big red bow is on the front door.  I am going along.  Usually I notice Christmas about a week before the day, but this year will be different.  Somewhat.  I still wish to avoid the gift-giving mania and to keep things simple.  The spirit of the season without the stress.  Oh. . . fingers crossed.

I sent Q a link to this story this morning (link).  It seems a simple solution to all sorts of problems.  It is hard being with people.  More and more, we prefer to be alone.  But not alone.  We like social media, tweets and grams, and we like to keep abreast of what is happening with famous people.  Here is my favorite observation from the story:

"The strong and selfish men are the most popular," says Higashi. "The most popular characters are strong on the outside and only sometimes sweet for you."

Can you imagine being left for a popular character?  How could you compete unless the character had a mole on his chin and skin tags?  Maybe they could give him stinky breath or a short leg.  Then the playing field would be evened a bit.  

I can't concentrate on this so I am going to quit.  Q keeps sending me irritating texts about his Fuji camera.  Seems I broke it, though I suspect him of sending me a broken camera so he could blame it on me.  He's sneaky like that.  He repeats over and over that he sent me the manual like that explains everything.  Who's got time for that?  And so. . . 


  1. I'm worried.
    That was super strange...all of it.

    Christmas tree up????? Won't it be a tinderbox by Christmas? Without any needles even left ?

    Wouldn't it be so good to be on an island somewhere? Snorkeling and diving and getting skin cancer brown instead of being in the midst of all that mess of commercial poop.

    I haven't unpacked and my insect bites are just now scabbing over nicely. I am not really here I realize - well - I guess I'm half here. It's been such a strange week.

    I have to do stuff with the camera. Take out the little magic plastic piece and see what I have for photos. But not today. I don't want to remember in a flat dimension.

  2. The tree is from Restoration Hardware. No drying out, no rot. But the lights have quit working for some reason. All I'm looking forward to, really, is a little time off. I'm worn to the bitter quick.