Thursday, November 24, 2016

World Enough and Time

There has been much preparation around my house the past days--table cloths, napkins, napkin holders, serving dishes and utensils.  There has been the making and baking of pies, the marinating of turkey, etc.  There are many bottles of champagne.  A breakfast casserole is in the oven now.

Last night, as I was beginning to prepare the mussels and cook a very large sockeye salmon fillet, a friend stopped by.  I asked him if he would like to eat.

Five hours later, I fell into bed.  I don't feel so well this morning.  He is good company, but I am mostly a recluse.

People will be stopping by all day.  My mother will come and eat and drink.  I don't know how many others to expect. This is how it all begins this year.

The weather is warm and yesterday we marketed by Vespa.  Lunch on the Boulevard, etc.

Ili wants to put parades on the television.  I want to play with my newly refurbished Black Cat Liberator camera.  I have not done this for many years.  Somehow the day will pass.

Thus, though we cannot make our sun
Stand still, yet we will make him run.


  1. Will those second cousins with the dirty kids and their guns be around for the champagne?

    I did love them so and their stories interpreted for readers here by the fancy cousin from the city. Did you call one Slick?

    Got up early and went out with the dogs to the bog. It was so silent. Then church bells from nearby town started to clang. That's pretty much all I needed to make the day feel like Something.

    We were swimming in the ocean, this fellow that came along on the trip at my advising, the cross dressing waiter with a disabled wife who everyone else on the trip determined was a closet homosexual, he said "Why didn't we extend our stay here ... " To which I responded something like "the business, work, my mother..."

    I swam over and placed a big clump of kelp on his head .. like a wig. He loved it and made me photograph him with his new "Go Pro." And then before putting his head under the water he responded, "We'll be dead a long time Lis..."

    It's good the heart has 4 chambers. I need lots of space.

    And so we will be thankful. xo