Thursday, December 22, 2016

Melting Glaciers

I found a hipster taking a photograph of my Vespa.  I took his picture back.  Everybody likes them.  I don't know why everybody doesn't have one.

Vespas, I mean, not hipsters.

Day two of the vacation was spent trying to get over day one.  Dopey me.  Mimosas, or rather something Ili called a Poinsettia, champagne and pomegranate juice.  Lunch at a gastro-whatever, a southern fried chicken sandwich or something.  A trip to the art store to get something framed.   Beauty treatments for one of us while the other putzed around.  Then an evening argument that was so unnecessary.   Sad makeup, soulful songs.

We bear the burdens of our existence.

I lay in bed, but didn't sleep.  Christmas pressure.  I am horrible at it.  I am happier alone at Christmas, I think.  I can't buy presents.  How does one buy presents?  I went to the Tiffany website.  I could afford a Tiffany wire.  I mean, that's what it looks like.

"Oh, poor thing.  He got you the Tiffany wire?  How do you stand it?"

Earrings?  Who knows what someone would like.  I looked at Louis Vuitton bags.  Again, who knows?  I'd rather spend the money for two airline tickets.  Let's go to Cuba. . . Mexico.  Hell, we could go to Santa Fe.  It would be fine.

I am up and worried.  I have to make a decision.  I have to come up with something.  I don't know what other people want.  I know what I want, but it doesn't translate.  I am out of my league.

So I'm a mess this winter's morning.  I'm supposed to be chill, but my nerves are in tatters.  Suddenly I feel there is too much to do.  I was going to travel around the state, talk to people, get stories.  I know I had it here in my head (finger pointing).

Suddenly things are associations rather than integrated units. I mean, there seems to be no real connection between them.

Well, I've got a day to figure it out, I guess.  I feel like someone on an iceberg floating in a rising sea.


  1. New Tiffany stuff is shit. Don't do it.

    Buy the airline tickets or - donate the money to Planned Parenthood.

    I love giving gifts but I'm a horrible receiver of gifts. Especially this year. What do I need? Except more travel.

    I did say that I would like to learn how to fly fish come spring this year though. Seems a cool thing to know how to do. And an escape. Maybe it will help me when I own my Tanzanian Guest House. :)

    This year I've made a calendar of events to do with my guests. They come from Florida and shipping back shit is so not worth it. And they don't "need" anything either.

    The list includes all sorts of things from going to see Blue Man Group, caroling at the local nursing home, bowling, visiting the Enchanted Village (entry fee a donation of mittens or hats for folks in need), going to see Rogue One (since we introduced my niece to Star Wars last year watching them all and then going to see the release that came out last year.) and on December 30th - going to my yoga studio for a Crystal Bowl Sound Bath session.

    We will have fun - simply by being out in the world at this insane time of year.

    Cheers, C.S.

  2. I learned to fly fish years ago. Cast, rather. I was a great caster. I learned from a very good fisherman in community course. We learned to cast in a big field over several weeks.

    I never, ever went fishing :(


  3. My brother learned when he was about 14 from an 8th grade teacher who was known as a real disciplinarian. They used to cast onto paperplates in the gym.

    I think we may go to the Orvis Camp in the Spring.