Saturday, January 7, 2017

A Dry Rain

Clouds.  Rain.  I am exhausted after a week of layoffs at the factory, me the messenger.  The weather suits my mood.

At the week's bloody end, it was still "No Drink January."

"Why?!?" people ask me with astonishment.

"I'm trying to let you catch up," I say.  Sometimes.  Other times I talk about my internal organs.

So last night, we took the little scooter up to a new (for us) sushi place.  Oh, man, it was wonderful.  Had I known, I would have been much sooner.  But what is sushi without sake and scotch?  Oh, well, the green tea was good and oaky.  I may go back today for lunch.  They have a bowl of ramen noodle soup that looks delicious.

That's what I have instead of liquor.

What will those people do, I keep asking myself?  There must be terrible despair.  I keep racking my brain for solutions and compromises.  I am a problem solver, I tell myself.  Think of something!

The bad dreams may be over.  Last night they were simply dull.  But I don't look any better.  Where is the miracle?  I guess temperance must be its own reward.

"I'm proud of you."

"Why?  Don't doctors say that you should have two drinks a day?  You know better than doctors?"

"You don't drink two a day."

True enough.  Maybe this will teach me to be moderate.  I have never been a fan however.

Tone on tone, grey on grey.  I look forward to the next meal.


  1. Blizzard for us. Here we go again. Looking to make some money with a couple of really nice sales and Mother Nature smacks me around. I can't even blame it on YKW (you Know Who).

    Alas. This is where I live (for now).

    I could go for a big bowl of Pho.

    Sorry to hear about what you had to do. Been there. Once I worked for a telemarketing organization (read hell) and I think after making very large dollars - I counted I had fired about 200 people over the 5 years I worked there. I was cash rich and spiritually wrecked. Turned in my keys one day and never looked back.

    1. Trump or God?

      I went for the Pho. It was too salty. Disappointed. But I know of another place, a hole in the wall, that will make a better one.

    2. The first one.

      I keep waiting for my manicurist to call and say she's making some and I should come over... unbelievable. Straight from the Vietnam Source. :)

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