Friday, February 10, 2017

Cristal Under a Full Snow Moon

I don't know why I bother to photograph things any more.

My awareness of things is diminished, I think.  I didn't know that my birthday was on a full moon until I saw it rise while sitting on the deck drinking Cristal.  I had never tasted Cristal before, and certainly not under a full moon.  It was given to me by Ili who said, "This is for the man who has done everything except drink Cristal."  She didn't need to add "under a full snow moon."

Birthdays are difficult for me, mine and others.  I am not good at them.  I don't enjoy any of it.  There is simply too much pressure either to give or to receive.

There were cards at the factory and a birthday cake.  People waited obligingly to sing "Happy Birthday."  I regaled them with the fact that if I live a normal lifespan, I have only 500 weekends left. I said I was going to have to start filling up my dance card.  Upon leaving my office, C.C. said, "Have a nice weekend.  That leaves 499."

I was filled with pleasant thoughts.

My mother and cousin came over in the late afternoon and ended up staying for dinner.  When that was done, Ili slipped away to read.  When I went into the bedroom at 8:30, she was already asleep.  My birthday seemed to wear her out.  I read for a bit, then I, too, slipped under covers and the full moon.

Now that is done.  There is no looking back.


  1. If there is no looking back, then what made this post possible?

  2. Unfortunately, Ili lies.

    You have not been to Africa.

  3. I was in the shower and thought about my post and poor Ili and poor blogger friend C.S. I ran down to make amends. And you had already responded!! Unlike you - sigh.

    Ili was just honoring her Man and her Man was proud of that and blogged it to us. How rude of me to not react in the appropriate way. I apologize.

    I always want you (and everyone who has ever had an inkling) to see Africa ... that's where the somewhat flippant response arose from.

    Time is running out. I feel it every day.