Thursday, March 23, 2017


No time to write today.  Just back from the gym and must hurry to the factory.  But this:  no liquor and twice a day workouts made me look better in the gym mirror this morning.  A beautiful young woman kept looking at me and smiling.  She said goodbye to me when she left.

I have never seen her before.

So. . . whatever.

One more thing.  Nunes would be placed on suspension and would be under investigation if he worked for any D.A.s office in the country.  Well. . . maybe not in Alabama.


  1. Yay you!

    I just look more ragged daily. Though fellow poker player did comment to the Poet two nights ago, after I had left the party, that his "old lady was dynamite."

    So ... whatever. I'll take a 1970's compliment. :P

    I'm ready to grab my pitchfork and storm the Bastille urr the Quasi-Amerikan- Kremlin.