Friday, March 17, 2017

Just A Little Zen

I don't know why I am attracted to images like this one, but I am.  Very much.  Maybe I like the mystery of it, or maybe something else.  The line, the partiality, what's left out.


This weekend my own hometown has a big Artless Street Festival.  The town doesn't call it that, of course.  There will be paintings and drawings and gimcracks and crackerjacks and a hundred thousand people in the streets.  Shit--I should have applied for a booth with pictures like the one above.

I just had a moment of insight.  No matter.  I don't have to be in the right to criticize.

For me, though, the big event is the Saturday night party for some of the patrons and artists at a friend's house.  You know, the one where the Django-styled Cook Trio plays.  I will go early and stake out my spot in front of the group and eat and drink and watch the stars and moon drift by.  It will be my moment of zen.

I need a little zen, my friends.  Just a little zen.  Just A Little Zen


  1. "I had not a dispute but a disquisition with Dilke, upon various subjects; several things dove-tailed in my mind, and at once it struck me what quality went to form a Man of Achievement, especially in Literature, and which Shakespeare possessed so enormously—I mean Negative Capability, that is, when a man is capable of being in uncertainties, mysteries, doubts, without any irritable reaching after fact and reason—". John Keats

    I think that's why you like the photo. Maybe.

    Enjoy your weekend. It is still very, very, cold here. But I've been out on the bogs every morning walking the dogs and trying to absorb some vitamin D. But it is wearing on me - this late frigidness and snow. Among other things that are even more wearing. Didn't Bill Clinton get almost impeached because he lied to the American people?

    How low we have sunk. I cannot bear it.

    We've taken to playing lots of poker and listening to lots of music while smoking lots of pot and drinking lots of alcohol. I am going to bring my bottle of unopened absinthe, that I brought back from France, down this weekend.

    I'm just not sure what shape I will be in if he lasts four years. Or I have to surrender and enter your "lemon water and tea world." But the clarity of that seems unbearable. The fog of various medications, penny poker and good music is so .... Zen.

    Happy St Patrick's Day.

    1. Yes, there is something that I like about incompleteness.

      There aren't so many seasons here. I am a lazy southern boy. I don't know how I would do with the long, dark winters.