Sunday, May 14, 2017

M.D. 2017

Mother's Day.  I was going to use another photo today before I remembered.  Lucky I had this one.  On this day we idealize motherhood.  Ili and I went to see her mother yesterday.  We will see mine today.  The weekend will have been consumed.

I assume Facebook will be full of mother's day material, those who love their moms, those who miss them.

Moms--the meme.

I wonder how President Macron celebrates the day?  Oooo. . . too much?

It makes me wonder, too, about how we celebrate that relationship in light of the Tennessee teacher who took his 15 year old student on a cross-country adventure.  Both were 15 when they had the affair with their teachers.

Life is full of weirdness.

I don't think I got my mother the present that she thinks I've gotten her.  I think she thinks I am getting her a laptop computer.  She is too excited to get it.  Once again, I will be the disappointing son.  I am an only child, so she is stuck.

I like Lilly Pulitzer dresses to a surprising degree.  I don't think the dress in this picture is one, though.  I love the striped tights, however. I wish I'd had a pair of those for the old photo series.

Ah, well, I've given up on such things now.

The cable man comes at ten and my mother comes at noon, so I must get a move on.

Get a move on.  Jesus.  What crap rattles around in this brain.


  1. Hannah sent me a lovely Mother's Day text from Dingle.

    The Son has not reached out yet. I might have smothered him too much. Hannah seems more well adjusted. Or it could be the fact he was born with that "artistic way." And we know all about that don't we. ;)

    You sound all Woody Allen there about the laptop. There is still time isn't there?

  2. Happiness and art. Tough balance. Isn't that odd.

    You must be pretty happy. That's a good thing. Cause you used to make lots of pictures. 😀

    So funny. After reading I thought about those simply wonderful photos of the "Bathing cap" series. I think those most spoke to me of all your photo so far. I wrestled along with your "Bordello" and "girls" series. And glad I did. They were more difficult for me to embrace but I grew to appreciate them - finding different ways to look interpret make up stories and talk about with the Poet about.

    I know there will be more. Don't forget my Cuban ladies please.

  3. She liked her copper pot and flowers and chocolates and card and meal.

    I hope you had a nice mother's day after all.

  4. It is not a matter of being happy or unhappy, I am finding. It is something else. Making art is a form of infidelity, I guess, an emotional relationship outside the "marriage" that is dangerous. Or so it seems.