Monday, May 8, 2017

Return to the Normal

The thing is. . . I like my rituals and routines.  I've refined them over time and they suit me.  They give my life a structure that I enjoy.  They are, by and large, quiet and beautiful.

I like travel to other places, too.  It allows me to see my life from the outside a bit, to analyze it, adjust it, and redefine it where needed.

It was nice to get away.  It is nice to be back.

That may change in a few minutes, though, when I return to the factory.  Travel also provides perspective on that.

By and large, I know my life is grander than it could be, and I am what I have made myself to be.

Both for the good and the ill.

And that is the way it is with most people.  There is nothing special about my observations here.  It is common talk.  There are clever and stupid people everywhere, and it is easier than ever to exhibit that publicly.  I am not sure if I care to participate any longer.  I grow sick of the yammering--mostly other's--but my own as well.  I am tired of the common parlance.  I don't wish to swell the vocal crowd.

We'll see how I feel tomorrow.  My trip home was long and tiring (I want to sway "arduous," but that may be overstating the case), and I am still a little worn from it.

I have been without the internet, and it is awful to come home and read the news again with the exception that a man who fell in love with his teacher when he was fifteen and later married her when she decided to leave her husband is now President of France.  There was some hope in that.

Now, however, it is time for a return to the "normal."

But for a few moments. . . .


  1. Good to have you back. Missed ya.

    Hannah is leaving for Dingle Ireland Thursday for a two week nursing school class. Then off to Dublin and London. I texted my friend and also arranged for her to stay with her in Paris for a few days. She and a college roommate. Also a nursing major. They should be bright stars for a month ....

    Man time as flown ... I was commenting here when she was like 14 or 15. Is that possible?

    There's always something to say. Or share. I think you should NOT quit.

    Business is busy. Houses are selling - still cash deals in the 1.5 to 3.5 mil range. Americans are vast consumers. It is sad how soulless most people seem. Chasing happiness in Nordstrom only to have me show up and tell them their shit is worth 1/3 of what they paid for it.

    But finding lovely hours into the early evening - doing some new flower beds and getting some cool weather veggies in. I get stoned and dig in the dirt. Therapy. I suppose.

    Are you not allowed to reveal where you were?

    1. Sounds as if your life is going swell. Yes, you used to send me pictures of your 'tween/teen. Now she's gone and I never immortalized her. . . much to my regret. Selfish, I am. Very.

      Oh. . . I went to Cuba again.